Tila Tequila Would Like Privacy While She Tweets Her Grief, Thank You Very Much

01.05.10 Cajun Boy

tila_tequila_nude As you may have heard, Tila Tequila’s “fiancee,” the pill-addled heiress Casey Johnson, was found dead in LA yesterday. Almost immediately, Tila took to Twitter to plead for privacy while she grieves the loss of her one true love, at one point even tweeting that Johnson wasn’t actually dead but in coma, and then tweeting that she was dead again. It was sort of disgusting.

Leading up to her death, speculation had been rampant that the engagement between Tequila and the daughter of the owner of the New York Jets was nothing more than a reality show-inspired sham. Rumor had it that Tequila and Johnson were going to have their own MTV show that would position them as the Heidi and Spencer of the lesbian world. Gross, right?

Anyway, the tweets:

Everyone please pray 4 my ..._1262656531579

This is a very heartbreaki ..._1262663186708

I just got news that my fi ..._1262663223075

I'm still in shock! Once a ..._1262663311996

R.I.P my Angel. @caseyjons ..._1262663366251

I can't stop these hauntin ..._1262708039431

Obviously, Tila Tequila murdered Casey Johnson, and America’s guardian of all that is righteous and good is not pleased about it AT ALL…

@officialTila You sink eve ..._1262709460043

@ParisHilton I believe you ..._1262709511332

God help us all.