Holiday in Cairo: Cars Burn, Rubber Bullets Fly, And Tear Gas Is the New Oxygen in Tahrir Square

11.27.12 Bucky Turco & Aymann Ismail

Abdel Kader Hamza Pasha street is stand-off central. CSF police on one side, kids on the other side. Rocks vs. tear-gas. Molotov cocktails vs. rubber bullets. With increased protesters out today in Tahrir Square–some reports estimated there were close to 200,000 people in the square today –today’s battles were much more intense and unpredictable. One photojournalist told us that today’s vibe reminded her of Egypt’s last revolution in January of 2011, the one that threw the country into a state of anarchy until the army took over. As you watch the video above, remember that everyone involved in today’s clashes were willing to die for their cause, even the ignoble ones.