Top 10 Numbers Of 2013

12.17.13 Skyler David

10)  39
39 needs no introduction at this point in the year 2013. Did you think 39 was a prime number? THINK AGAIN. 39 is full of surprises.


9) 1995
There are people that were born in this year that can vote. Ridiculous.


8)  32,767
Highest integer that can be represented with 16 bits, y’all!


7)  π
Pi finds itself on the list every year. Down from the number 6 spot last year, all the way down from its glory days at the top spot circa 3rd century B.C.


6) 500 Trillion Quadrillion Billion
This is the biggest number I could come up with this year.


5) 500 Quadrillion Billion Trillion!!!

Is this more? I don’t know.


4)  Four Thousand
Just say it out loud, it sounds nice.


3)  9908
Where would I be without my PIN?


2)  9/11
Never forget.


1)  2
Second is the best.


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