A Topless Ride, a Crucifixion and Other Recent FEMEN Fun

09.03.10 Marina Galperina

What have the girls of Ukrainian Feminist protest group FEMEN been up to since splashing topless in a public fountain to protest water outage? They took a long trip with a local biker organization to plant their flag at the monument for Ukrainian poet and patriot Taras Shevchenko (topless), celebrated Ukrainian Independence Day (topless) and crucified themselves in front of a church (topless).

They also threatened police for threatening them in ninja-esque ensembles, had their mikes unfairly turned off by a chastising talk show host and commenced retaliatory flashing, and attempted to protest the closure of a democratic television station, but where thwarted by a wedding crowd and some sort of manure accident.

And so, the FEMEN girls continuously go wild, publish their antics’ visuals and then proceed to make coy, half-ironic commentary on their LiveJournal about using their “primary weapons” for the sake of activism. Whether they’re drawing attention to their cause of the day with tits or vice versa, the more you gawk, they more they win.

Some visuals below:

Photos: FEMEN’s Livejournal