Topless Rights Protestors Protest Topless in Central Park

08.23.11 Marina Galperina

When it’s National Go Topless Day, chicks in other cities are gluing on fake nipples to avoid cop troubles, but we don’t do that sacrilege in NYC. Ladies can go shirtless, wherever dudes can, so here’re some feminists saluting “equal topless rights” with nude boobs and moobs in Central Park on Sunday. NSFW.

Don’t freak, prudes. “Free Your Breasts! Free Your Mind!” Whether publicly slathered in paint or flashed in adventurous photography projects, your bare knockers are free to express themselves. Just if you’re going to show crotch, make sure you’re packing some concept. Celebrate!

Halt! Why is notorious Times Square tip-solicitor and Naked Cowgirl and raunchy MNN video star Naked Cowgirl posing not topless? Not that that’s a special request. It’s the principle of the matter. Boo? (Photos: Mike Levak/Flickr)