Tourist-in-Chief and Community Board Vs The Parks Department: It’s On!

08.30.11 Marina Galperina

Brooklyn public artist Leon Reid IV presented his case to the Community Board 5 last night and pwned the Parks Department. Even though the Parks Department emailed ahead to “deny” Reid’s Tourist in Chief installation permit, Reid proved that decking out Union Square’s George Washington statue in tourist bling for 13 hours would delight and educate the public and pointed out that the statue has been embellished as early as 1861 and as recently as 2008 by the Parks Department itself when they draped it with flowers for Arbor Day.

Reid also pointed out that the Parks Department draped 30 statues in capes last winter to promote some NBC show, yet they are stubbornly blocking the project. The Kickstarter-funded props are already being constructed and will weigh “no more than the birds that land on Washington’s head.”

Reid tells ANIMAL:

The Board voted unanimously in favor of my project. The Board is now requesting the Department to deliver an explanation as to why the project is to be denied.

Good luck, Leon!

For the curious, this video of the meeting shows what you have to do to get permission to “embellish” statues.