Tourist-in-Chief Vs. Upside-Down Elephant Art for Union Square

08.24.11 Marina Galperina

The New York Parks Department rejected Tourist in Chief, but Brooklyn artist Leon Reid IV still wants to deck out Union Square’s Washington statue in over-sized tourist bling. The artist tells ANIMAL that he will be presenting his project before the Community Board 5 Monday, Aug 29 at 6pm. 

“Coincidentally, the Parks Department will also be presenting a work of art for Union Square — which between us two — should offer you drastic viewpoints on public art,” he says.

Reid is not on the preliminary meeting agenda, but the Parks Department’s latest public art installation is — Miquel Barcelo’s giant bronze cast sculpture Elephanta, planned to teeter on its trunk starting September for 6-9 months. Silly. Harmless, but so is Tourist in Chief. What gives? Afraid old George will become the next Cardiff Kook?

Ra ra ra and good luck, Chief… lest Reid has to return the Kickstarter loot!

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