‘Trainspotting’ Film Follow-Up ‘Ecstasy’ Trailer, Eh…

08.30.11 Marina Galperina

xThe trailer for the long-awaited film adaptation of Irvine Welsh’s Ecstasy: Three Tales of a Chemical Romance short story bestseller brings bothersome sensations, just like the Fear and Loathing prequel earlier this week: “But… where’s?… but that’s different!”

Obviously, it’s different story and a different set of protagonists than Trainspotting, but this Rob Heydon-directed bit lacks all that hard grit of Danny Boyle’s film and only rubs that it in with a quick flash of a fish-eyed lens in a “high” shot. Maybe it’s that the sleazy club ’90s aren’t as cinematically romantic as the wild and rowdy heroin daze of the ’80s. Maybe it’s the teasers’ uncharming shots of digitally purpled hills and butt-stash expulsions. Eh, well, it’s just different, but hey, it’s based off a junkie lit classic so Trainspotting fans are hooked by default. Let’s see this Ecstasy.

Then there’s always Porno.