Trinity of News Corp Outlets Falsely Associate Oslo Terrorist With Islam

07.23.11 Bucky Turco

More than 90 people died in Oslo on Friday after a bomb tore through a government building and a gunman opened fire on children at a youth camp. Although authorities have arrested Norwegian Anders Behring Breivik, a 32-year-old, blond-haired, blue-eyed, anti-Islamic nationalist in connection to the attacks, three media properties owned by News Corp. linked the carnage to Muslim extremism.

Not surprisingly, the most flagrant offender was Fox News via a taped segment of the O’Reilly Factor. Laura Ingraham was filling in and reported the following:

In the ‘Back of the Book’ segment tonight, two deadly terror attacks in Norway, in what appears to be the work, once again, of Muslim extremists.

Except that is wasn’t! She then segued to a bit about the proposed Islamic Center in Lower Manhattan, complete with b-roll footage of the burning World Trade Center towers.

The Wall Street Journal and the New York Post also attempted to connect the act of domestic ‘Christian’ terrorism to Islam, reminding readers about the Danish cartoons depicting Mohammad that sparked outrage from several years ago in nearby Denmark and how “Islamist extremism has been growing in Scandinavia.”

After Rupert Murdoch owned News Corp was blasted on the world stage this past week for its shoddy journalism practices, could this not be a more fitting bookend?

UPDATE: Make that four News Corp outlets with The Sun also claiming it was Al-Qaeda on the cover of their Saturday paper.