Truckers Crashed Into NY Bridges 200 Times In Two Years

09.25.12 Andy Cush

According to U.S. Senator Charles Schumer, truckers have crashed into low-hanging bridges in New York 200 times in the last two years alone. Schumer placed partial blame on the GPS systems used by truckers, which he said lack the ability to plan a route based on the heights of bridges along the way, and is now calling for a nationwide standard for the devices. “These accidents are frequent, costly, dangerous and entirely avoidable,” Schumer said in a letter to Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood. “If we have the technology to send a truck to Mars, we have the technology to prevent trucks from crashing into bridges.”

And if truckers are simply failing to notice the signs that warn them of impending doom, it’s not for the government’s lack of trying. According to Schumer, the state has already spent $3 million on installing 300 low bridge warning signs around New York.

(Photo: DJHeini/Flickr)