TrustoCorp’s ‘Life Cycle’

10.26.11 Marina Galperina

ANIMAL stopped by for a visit of TrustoCorp‘s solo exhibit “Life Cycle” at SoHo’s Opera Gallery to see the glorious stained glass Prophet Transformers, the functional Border Patrol arcade shooter, the Beaties cereal for coppers — “More Punch ‘Till Lunch!” — and more of the 50-works worth of awesome. Get a good look inside.

The in-depth perspective “on growing up and dying American” is split into four themed series of installations, mixed media and kinetic art — childhood, puberty, adulthood and death. With their recent illegal interventions, “Drive-Thru Liposuction” takeover in Brooklyn and major tabloid switcheroo, TrustoCorp rightfully identify themselves as more of a “Fight Club” rather than an art collective. Makes sense. Good thing they’re so zeitgeisty: Find some OWS-related/prophetic works below. Games. Introspective fun. “Life Cycle,” TrustoCorp, Oct 21 – Nov 11, Opera Gallery, SoHo, NYC.

(Photos/Video: ANIMALNewYork)