Up Close Into Kris Kuksi’s Gorgeous Hell at PULSE

10.03.11 Marina Galperina

ANIMAL commenters were right to send me for a real life gawk at Kris Kuksi’s detailed sculptures of bionic soldiers and organic factories, intricately intwined in war and death motifs, courtesy of Joshua Liner‘s PULSE Art Fair LA booth. The closer you look, the more tiny tiny, bomb-wielding, tank-riding little tools of tyranny emerge. Nifty. 

Check out our shots along with a few more fair highlights, including the meticulous bee-waxed stitching of Laura Ortiz Vega’s graffiti canvases, Michael Van Den Besselaar’s cum shot polyptych and 3 (three)’s lady sculpture from molten manga and hentai figurines. (Photos: Marina Galperina/ANIMAL New York)