Update: FEMEN Detail Alleged Abuse by Sadistic Belorussian KGB

12.21.11 Marina Galperina

FEMENFOUNDThe girls from the Ukrainian topless protest crew FEMEN speak out after allegedly being kidnapped, humiliated, threatened, forced to undress and beaten in a Minsk forest, abuse which they say was perpetrated and filmed by the Belorussian KGB. Yes, they still call it “KGB.”

The girls first disappeared after their theatrical anti-Prime Minister Lukashenko topless protest in front of a KGB building in Minsk, following their European protest tour of actions for various feminist and personal causes.

Above is their first on-camera interview where the visibly shaken girls recall being abducted from a train station by several uniformed men and driven deep into the forest on a bus where they were threatened with bodily harm and death and forced to perform a bizarre ritual. After some terrifying macho-posturing, the uniformed men screamed at them to “Undress, bitches, on the count of three!” and made them pose topless FEMEN-action style with some signs the men made… with swastikas on them. They filmed the whole thing.

Then the men started pouring green iodine-type medicine on their heads which stained their hair, hacking at Inna’s blond locks with a knife and throwing clumps of it at her feet at her while threatening them to never return to Belorussia. Then they dragged them around by their hair, forced them to take the bottom portion of their clothing off and beat them with sticks.

Later, FEMEN girls say they were pushed into a bus, driven deeper into the forest, dragged out again towards a lake (where the girls were sure they’d be killed) and told to go back home, with the men pointing towards the border, supposedly 2-3 miles away. Left naked, alone, terrified, with their confiscated passports not returned, the girls ran through the thick, swampy forest and got lost. They were eventually rescued by some forest workers three hours later, one of whom let them stay in his house in a nearby village until cops arrived and let them contact to consulate with his phone. The girls say these cops were friendly and let them know that “the whole Internet already knew about their situation.”

This tale gets weirder and more horrible every day, meanwhile, the official KGB rep called FEMEN’s statement “a gross provocation” and said “They can say whatever they want. Our people did not touch them!”

Here’s another news clip below where FEMEN vow to return to Belorussia and “fight for the Belorussian people” even harder.

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