UTAH Officially Tagged With Sentence

07.09.09 Will Sherman


Globetrotting graffiti writer UTAH has been locked up for months, but she was only officially sentenced today for her crimes in Queens. In a press release, the District Attorney’s office trumped the previously announced sentencing covering her charges throughout the boroughs: $10k in restitution to the MTA, a six month prison sentence on the vegan unfriendly Riker’s Island, as well as five years probation. Additionally, the announcement offered insight into the preferred tools of the trade for “so-called graffiti ‘artists’ and their ego-driven vandalism of public property,” as Queens District Attorney Richard A. Brown puts it:

In executing a court-authorized search warrant at the defendant’s residence in July 2008, police recovered more than 450 spray cans, 50 latex gloves and 10 permanent markers, as well as bottles of acid etch, grog ink and shoe polish with a dobber dispenser, a bolt cutter, and a pair of pliers. In addition, other property recovered included Polaroid photographs of the tag “Dani,” 52 pieces of paper with graffiti drawings, including the tags “Dani” and “Erin,” and several digital photographs from her e-mail account depicting her tags on trains and one that shows her spray painting her tag on a non-New York City train.

Photo by monolaps