When Video Games Become Live Music

11.21.12 Irina Dvalidze

“Creating artistic expression by using algorithms is like finding a new world in digital technology,” says Jae Ho Jang of the Tacit Group in a new video interview from The Creator’s Project. Tacit Group is a team of Korean artists and performers who create phenomenal, large-scale audiovisual projects by incorporating common gaming elements. Named for John Cage’s minimal mini-opus 4’33″, the project focuses on individual, minimalist aspects of creating music through unorthodox methods.

Masterminds Jae Ho Jang and Jin Won Lee (aka Gazaebal) have been collaborating since 2008. They come from different fields: Jang is a classically trained performer and Lee has roots in contemporary electronic music. Together they make electro-acoustic gaming music. They even use Tetris in some of their algorithms. Check it.