Videodrome Test Screening Haters Remind Us Why Videodrome Is Amazing

03.16.12 Marina Galperina

“I fail to understand what would be accomplished by releasing such a movie on the public. What sort of person could enjoy it?” The sort of person who enjoys cyber-surrealist conspiracy body horror, young and kinky Deborah Harry and deformed organic guns sprouting out of stomachs. Not these guys.

Criterion has released notes from the Videodrome test screening and they’re hilarious. If you’re so opposed to the sex and guts thing, why the hell would you be interested in this in the first place?

Psst, there’s Cronenberg Appreaciation Club meeting below this trailer, c’mon.

Hi, guys. Thanks for coming. Have you seen this thing? It’s Nicolas Provost’s Long Live the New Flesh remix from the film. It’s swimming in digital glitch, TV static’s new flesh. So good. Ohh, don’t you miss the old Cronenberg? What’s all this? Sigh.