Violence Against Hot Cosplay MILFS

09.14.09 Copyranter


All ad creatives dream of doing pro bono work for clients like Amnesty International or the World Wildlife Fund. They dream of being able to do stuff like stuff a woman inside a clear suitcase on an airport luggage conveyor belt in the name of denouncing human trafficking. They dream of having Photoshop Phun with the world’s despots. But mostly, they dream of the chance to take a brief break from their careers of deceiving consumers to Do Some Good. And, if you can combine the benevolence with a hot chick photo shoot, well that’s aces, baby. Above, via ad agency Unitas/RNL in Santiago, Chile, mommies dressed as slutty Snow White and Red Hot Riding Hood have been bloodied by daddy in an AI violence against women campaign. Sorry, but using sex to sell anti-violence, while attention-grabbing, is just plain disturbing. |Images: BestAdsOnTV|