Voina Did Not Unleashes Cockroaches in Court (Updated)

07.13.10 Marina Galperina

UPDATE: Peter Verzilov has been “expelled” from Voina years ago. Although the media reported that the art group Voina protested the conviction of Moscow curators by releasing thousands of roaches in the courtroom, there’s a little bit of a debate about what actually happened.

Charged by an extremist Eastern Orthodox Church organization, Moscow curators Yury Samodurov and Andrei Yerofeyev avoided 3 years in a gulag-lite, but were convicted and fined thousands of dollars for “inciting religious hatred” with their Forbidden Art show. They are appealing to the European Court of Human Rights, as the verdict violates freedom of speech.

UPDATE: It was reported that our favorite Russian hooliganartists Voina (“War”) were there with cockroach reinforcements. According to Voina’s Alexei Plutser-Sarno, it’s not true. He tells ANIMAL that Pyotr Verzilov, seen in the photo above detained by police and threatened with a cross by a biker-looking Christian extremist, has been expelled more than two years ago, yet continues to to garner attention for his fringe doppelganger group. According to Plutser, the idea of Cockroach Court was originally Oleg Vorotnikov’s (one of the imprisoned artists’). Verzilov action was unsuccessful – he didn’t take the roaches to court, just took photos of them at home and misreported his action to the media (that’s why there are no photos or videos of this “protest” online.) Drama!

When the curators were brought to court back in 2009, the art-group Voina stormed the courthouse as a punk-collective “Cock in the Ass.” This video of the action shows defendant Yerofeyev pleading for Voina not to interrupt the proceedings. Voina plugged in anyway and serenaded the court with noisy tunes “Fuck the Police Those Motherfucking Bosses” and “All Cops Are Bastards” until they were dragged out of the courtroom.

These kids are in permanent Tyler Durden mode, but their leader looks like a philosopher. Which he is. The bearded A. Plucer and partner Yana Plucer-Sarno are facing eight months in prison and a $13K fine for organizing their June action Revolution in the Supermarket! In an international protest against “food being a privilege” and the treatment of illegal Russian immigrants in Europe, Voina representatives occupied supermarkets Russia, Ukraine, UK, Belgium and more European countries. Voina chucked food at security guards, napped in the refrigerators, ate food and dunked a baby into the crab tank, but, say that they somehow circumvented breaking the law. They are currently protesting excessive criminal charges.

Now, that baby has been stirring up shit while still a fetus, helped in the bridge dicking and was just violently christened in a seafood tank. This is going to make the baby’s eventual teenage rebellion very, very challenging.