Voina, Record Number of Protestors Arrested at Human Rights March

04.01.11 Marina Galperina

Yesterday’s Strategy-31 protest march, Russia’s monthly “unsanctioned” public assembly in support of Russians’ Constitutional right to public assembly ended in arrests – a record 150 in Moscow! – and police beatings.

Photo commentary from Moscow and St. Petersburg and social media postings all describe people being randomly torn out of the crowd, beaten and brutally shoved into police vans. Some arrests weren’t random: Known political dissidents and activists were taken into custody, as well as protest artists from Voina.

Particularly disturbing are these accounts (in English) of Voina arrests: all were physically roughed up including baby Kasper and Natalia “Kozlenok,” Leonid and Irina are currently being interrogated and not allowed to see their lawyer. According to Voina’s email this morning (afternoon in Russia), Kasper is in custody at a hospital, registered as “an unidentified child.” (Photos: Ilya Carlamov, Adromy4, Oleg Khrienko, Vladimir Telegin)

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