Voina Beaten Up by “Cops”

03.04.11 Marina Galperina

Voina artists – Leonid Nikolayev, Oleg Vorotnikov, his wife Natalia Sokol and their two-year old son Kasper – were leaving a news conference yesterday, when a thuggish crew followed them. Voina snapped their photo and the thugs attacked, shouting that they were from the “criminal investigation department.”

Voina’s lawyer reported this incident to the media. Photos of injuries are below.

Artist Oleg Vorotnikov describes the event:

When we left the press conference in the Ligovsky prospect, we noticed that we were followed by a group of typical thugs. We observed that those were clearly anti-extremism officers… One police officer attacked Lenya from behind. They waved their IDs but we couldn’t examine them. They pushed baby pram away and hit Kasper against his face causing a bruise on his left chick. Two others knocked Kozlyenok down into the paddle and started kicking her. They injured her hand very seriously. I managed to free myself from the officers who were holding me and covered Kozlyenok with my body. The blows rained against my back and head. Kozlyenok’s face was already bashed. What’s more when they dragged her by hair, they pulled out one of her braids. The officers were trying to take away a camera from her. But she held it tightly. Activist Lyubka seized one of the officers and he bit her hand…

The memory card from the camera was eventually confiscated. Today, the apartments of Voina’s friends and members of Other Russia party are being raided by anti-extremism police.

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