Voina Haters Are Dicks

04.22.11 Marina Galperina

Due to “exiled member” drama, I vowed to focus on anarchist art group Voina’s actual performance actions, but this is just too ironic, Russia! You’re killing me! Behold: a nationalist youth party protesting outside the cultural ministry HQ against the “vulgar” work Dick Captured by FSB! awarded the Innovation Prize… with a picket called Dick Rewarded to the Ministry of Culture!

We (and the art prize jury) consider the giant graffiti-bombing of the St Petersburg draw bridge, flipping off the new KGB offices as a “mega-graffiti” masterpiece, but these guys think it’s an act of criminal vandalism by a bunch of “extremists and provocateurs” (and that’s a bad thing?) and the jury must have “sexual complexes” to have chosen it. Oh, and your censored cock signage – “to the most f…ed up Ministry” – is just precious.

(Photo: Ilya Varlamov)