Voina Might Still Win State Art Prize… Oh Irony

03.18.11 Marina Galperina

Earlier, Voina artists were nominated for Russia’s prestigious, state-run Innovation Art Prize for the anti-authoritarian dick-bombing of a St Petersburg bridge. They condemned it as “schizophrenic.” Voina was demonstratively dropped from the list on noms. Yesterday, the prize jury unanimously declared that they reject any “changes to the shortlist of nominees,” so Cock Captured by the FSB stays in the running. Yey? Also, you might want to give this Natalia “Kozlenok” Sokol’s recent interview a read – even butchered in Google Translate, shit’s crazier than rabies.

A bief anecdote of note: In 2008, Voina protested violence against migrant workers and LGBT by staging dramatic lynchings inside a major St. Petersburg shopping mall. In the process, Kozlenok was viciously bitten by a female mall employee. Kozlenok says she believes that karma is more effective than rabies shots and encourages all fellow anarchists to enact their revenge. The gist of the interview: They’re more united and fearless than ever.

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