Voina: Oleg Not Arrested, But Internationally Wanted

07.26.11 Marina Galperina

Despite alleged reports of Voina artist Oleg Vorotnikov being arrested, Yana Sarna tells ANIMAL that the exiled members of Voina “are in touch with Oleg and at the present moment he is safe and still hiding from the police.”

An international arrest warrant has been issued for Oleg. He will be arrested immediately when caught.

Alexei Plutser-Sarno comments to ANIMAL:

It’s an extraordinary situation – to issue an international alert for a person, who isn’t accused of any grave crime. Moreover we all know that all the charges against him are groundless. It’s also worth mentioning that the police perfectly knows that Oleg is still in the country, so there is no need to internationally search for him.

Earlier, Oleg Vorotnikov and Leonid Nikolaev were detained for months without trial and facing seven years for radical, anti-authoritarian performance action — turning over a cop car with Oleg’s wife Kozlyonok and toddler heir Kasper the Striking Falcon. Oleg and Loenid were released on bail donated by Bansky which was recently confiscated by the Russian government. They have been donating the rest of Banksy’s money to anarchist vandals and political prisoners.

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Photo: Oleg at a human rights demonstration.