Voina’s Banksy-Donated Bail Goes to the Russian Government

07.20.11 Marina Galperina

Since Voina artist Oleg Vorotnikov won’t declare an address and, allegedly, hasn’t been showing up to court, his bail (via Banksy) is being seized by the government. Banksy is now de-facto funding Russian coppers. Oh, the irony.

There are, naturally, shenanigans going on. The bail money was originally used to free Voina artists after their arrest for the “cop car turnover” incident, a radical artistic performance for which Voina artists were facing seven years in prison. Garni.ru reports that the court made their decision to usurp the bail funds based on only new cases and, though they claim that Vorotnikov is avoiding court, he hasn’t been actually summoned.

Just this week, Voina’s lawyer has presented proof of corruption in the investigation process.

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