Voina’s Graphic New Baby Picture, Awww

01.23.12 Marina Galperina

Russian activist art group Voina of epic bridge graffiti bomb fame, welcome a new addition to the family and they have a graphic photo for you. Not, not this adorable one with the umbilical cord, but this one, with the newborn and her amniotic sac in a bucket. Awweww. Born to marrieds Natalia “Kozlenok” Sokol and Oleg “Thief” Vorotnikov into a bathtub, the baby is already troublemaker. True story. Less than a month ago, she was bopping around Kozlenok’s pregnant gut as Voina torched a police prisoner transport vehicle. Meet “Mama the Darling.”

She joins big brother “Kasper the Striking Falcon” (not a fan of the Russian police). Voina officially welcomes their “newest dangerous activist, yet to be placed on a Wanted list.”

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