Voina’s Kozlenok Escapes From Police Van, Police Brutality Videos

04.04.11 Marina Galperina

Since the arrest of Voina artist Kozlenok at a monthly “illegal,” but Constitutional human rights march on March 31st, videos of a swarm of special forces cops shoving and scuffling with Leonid, Oleg, baby Kasper and other anarchists emerged (see below). Since then, Kozlenok and other activists broke out of a police van and are now on the run.

In this video, we see the beginning of the altercation with police. Particularly poignant is the moment 2:15, as Leonid yells “People! Help! This concerns you!” and fur-clad passerby roll their eyes. The crowd is a lot more helpful towards the major confrontation event, screaming at the police to release Kasper’s mother from the van. They don’t. Instead, Oleg gets it.

See it for yourself:

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