VW Should At Least Put Flowers On Escher’s Grave

08.24.09 Copyranter

Every time I get a new creative brief from one of the douchebag account execs, my first thought is: ‘how can I get boobs in the ads?’ My second thought is” ‘how can I get “The Scream” in the ads?’ My third thought is: ‘how can I get Escher in the ads?’ (Not really. My only thought is: ‘I hate my fucking job.’) Dutch graphic artist Maurits Cornelis Escher has been riffed on—oh, a few times—over the years in the ad community of Hackersville. This time, via DDB New Zealand, the appropriation is for VW commercial vehicles promoting their proprietary 4Motion four-wheel drive technology. “Get to the jobs other can’t.” My educated guess here is that these ads will appeal strongly to that extremely small demographic of business owners who used to be art directors. |Images: adme.ru|