Walmart Sold Fixed Gear Unlikely To Tear Space/Time Continuum

03.26.10 Bucky Turco


So this happened. America’s most ubiquitous and uncool retail chain ever is selling a fixed gear Mongoose for $149—although they call it something weird. Safely equipped with two “caliper brakes,” it sports some faux high flange hubs and in keeping with the current most obnoxious fixed gear trend: riser bars.

Ranting on about how Walmart’s infiltration into the genre is the final nail in the coffin of a once select subculture is irrelevant ever since Urban Outfitters got in the game, so I’ll steer clear of that…and, it’s not like BMX suffered any when the mega-chain started stockpiling them. Think of it like the $99 laptop. Now, if someone could just explain the 39lb. shipping weight.