Warhol’s Elvis Bores Sotheby’s Buyers

05.10.12 Marina Galperina

The hot-shot Warhol Double Elvis-Ferus Type failed to stir the Sotheby auction buyers to a greater bid than $37,042,500, only $7 million above the low estimate.

“Well, it wasn’t that impressive anyway,” Haunch of Venison’s dealer Emilio Steinberger said. “Did you see it? It was really more like one-and-a-half Elvises.” Because it’s a little blurry, not Elvisy enough.

“I felt everybody was falling asleep tonight,” said Manfredi della Gherardesca of the London’s MDG Fine Arts Ltd. “There was nothing here I would kill for.”

That said, it was still a good selling night, with a gorgeous Francis Bacon and a Roy Lichtenstein going for $44,882,500 each (a Lichtenstein record!) But maybe the Warhol thrill is gone. Or maybe, everyone is just all Screamed out. Or maybe, the locked out art handlers protesting outside, cloistered by hordes security guards and police, put a damper on the night? (Image: Guardian)