Watch Cat Museum Guards In Action

07.11.12 Marina Galperina

While the superiority of felines over canines is highly subjective and debatable, it seems that cats are looking more useful than usual lately, that with providing fodder for “indie” film festivals and cat-people’s sense of self-validation, and now, by finally showing off in this video profile on the storied museum cat guards of the Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg. Look at ’em furry orphans go… They roam the basements (not the galleries), catching trespassing critters, rubbing their death-to-mice smell all over the place. This dates back to 1745.

“They’re not just mascots,” says one human cat servant who tends to, feeds and bathes the cats all day. “They’re really employees of the Hermitage and they play a very important role.”

The museum now welcomes homeless cats of the city to seek shelter and employment on its premises, which is far better as far as other high-profile art cat jobs go:

Here’s one being chucked into a restaurant by Voina.

(Photo: Anasomnia/Flickr)