Watch This Remarkably Artsy Video on Bathroom Graffiti

11.25.13 Bucky Turco

ANIMAL is fond of documenting the best NYC restaurants to pee and poop in, so when we heard about Dive Art, it naturally piqued our interest. Billed as “a short art film highlighting the graffiti of Brooklyn’s grimiest bathrooms,” it’s comprised of artfully shot footage from The Gutter, Duck Duck, Bushwick Country Club, Anchored Inn and Pearl’s Social.

According to filmmakers Brandon Bloch and Tim Sessler, the artsy cinematic endeavor was inspired by the Tumblr Toilets of New York and beauty that accumulating graffiti had created.

“The layers of color blend together on top of these old crumbling walls,” says Bloch. “It’s really this organic beauty that’s often dismissed as vandalism.”

Dive Art not only artfully documents the existing layers of paint that can be found in the restrooms of these bars, but also enlists graffiti bomber MENT to add some of his own.

Did I mention that it’s very artsy?