Wear Plastic Underwear at #TheSocialGraph

11.12.10 Marina Galperina

You can wear James Gilbert’s plastic underwear, as long as you take a photo in them and post it. Hence: Tweeted, Googled & Inappropriately Touched. Do it at the social media art extravaganza #TheSocialGraph, opening tonight at 6pm.

At the Outpost, Elbow Toe and Luna Park will represent Flickred graffiti/street art and Nate Hill will be living there until someone pays him to take a punch. The show will feature projections, virtual performances, a YouTube meme binge-a-thon, an avatar dance and Sound of Art DJ battle record listening party. And for those that “don’t always” make it to art shows, there’ll be James Kalm YouTube “retrospective,” so you can get all vicarious up on it. “#TheSocialGraph,” Nov 12 – Nov 27, The Outpost, Brooklyn