Welcome to Russia’s Nationalist Summer Camp!

08.16.10 Marina Galperina
Nashi Camp, Patriotism is Encouraged

Young Russians and foreign students by the hundreds (and three Americans) flocked to Moscow-adjacent Seliger this summer for camping, political “training” and government-encouraged hanky panky. Here are the highlights.

The state funded and corporate sponsorship-backed forest shin-ding welcomed a red Putin-shirt-clad horde to pimped out camp grounds complete with plasma screens in the trees playing Russian music videos, bunking conditions reminiscent of 2007’s “breeding tents” and a concert stage for synchronized jazzercising to James Brown.

Nashi – the self proclaimed anti-Fascist nationalist youth group organizers – kept it classy by putting crappy face cut-outs of “liars, falsifiers, and those who blacken our homeland’s reputation” on pikes and topped them all with Wehrmacht caps. The “liars” included several pesky journalists and the president of Georgia.

Another decorative effect was the banner testifying to the hotness of certain red-haired Russian secret agent vs. the average fuggliness of US spies.

Medvedev stopped by to dance in place a little.

Some kid drowned.

Young people continued running around half-naked.


Pictorially, the Kremlin propaganda fest went a little like this: