What the Heck Was Up With Al Gore’s Teeth on 30 Rock Last Night?

11.20.09 Cajun Boy


If you happened to catch Al Gore’s cameo last night on 30 Rock and found yourself wondering, “What the fuck happened to Al Gore’s teeth?”, well, you weren’t the only one.

The former vice-president/global warming activist was only on for approximately two minutes, but boy did he and his discolored choppers ever make an impression. Just enter “Al Gore’s teeth” into a Twitter search and you’ll see that a weary nation was shocked to learn that a 60-ish man from Tennessee appears virtually untouched by the wonders of modern dentistry. Don’t you people know about the epidemic of Mountain Dew addiction in Tennessee and what that shit does to human teeth?!

Anyway, I thought that Defamer founding editor Mark Lisanti summed it all up rather hilariously

Al Gore's teeth in HD are ..._1258753541371

Make a ..._1258753576390

My sentiments exactly. Also, I need to floss more.