What to Do With Hulu Criterion

02.16.11 Marina Galperina

Yesterday, Hulu dropped some big news, unleashing 150 Criterion films that you can stream for a monthly price of a quarter of a Criterion DVD’s retail value. There’re 800 more coming, special features and all. So, what do you watch first?

Grey Gardens (Documentary): In 1976, Jackie O’s cousins are dirty hoarder recluses who live in a rotting East Hampton mansion… and in total La-La Land.

Mishima: An arty biopic about a Japanese author so charismatic, he had his own army and tried to bring Seppuko back in style… in the ’70s. Bonus BDSM side plot.

Eyes Without a Face: Just a little old French film about where face transplants come from…

Walkabout: Dad drops off two kids in the Australian outback to fend for themselves, crazy stuff happens (slowly). This was directed by Nicolas Roeg, who once turned little Art Garfunkel into an obsessive perv, so…

Cría cuervos: You will decide not to procreate now.

There’s your sampler. Did I miss something sexy? This is kind of a big deal. Losers: Netflix (Criterion streams are exclusive to Hulu and Netflix still sucks), filmmakers (possibly, the living ones) and Cinema Studies grads/reclusive film nerds, whose proudly hoarded knowledge is about to be all mainstream and shit. Winners: You.