When Men Create a PMS Ad—Round 2

02.19.10 Copyranter


Hey it’s called MENstruation, right? Previously, in an all-male creative team created ad for Panadol via Singapore, the funny ha-ha visual featured the product being delivered to a holed-up raging PMS-ing woman via police robot. This time, the pre-menstrual lady has mutated into an apparent Mexican wrestler. Oh boy.

The all vagina-less team that concocted this ad is from Prolam Y&R in Santiago, Chile. The product is Kitadol Período Menstrual—”get her back.” Leaving aside how completely insulting the ad is to women, the overriding question is: why a Mexican wrestler? Why a male Mexican wrestler? Why not, like, Medusa or Bride of Frankenstein or Hecate, the three-headed goddess? And, yeah, stick a pair of fluffy slippers in the shot SO THAT WE GET IT. |Image via: Coloribus|