When Street Art Attacks

06.25.09 Copyranter

TV commercial via UK agency Whitcher for Los Angeles-based Creative Recreation sneakers (They have some exclusive 09 designs available at Barney’s—that’s MFing hardcore Street.) In it, a young aerosol king’s nebulous artwork creation comes to life as a raging, roaring brick monster. While the special effects are basically passable, I’m neither young nor a street artist; so I’m not one to say how effective this spot is at selling street sneaks to rebels and more importantly, wannabe rebels. I do know the music track titled “What You Got” (anybody know the artist?) is fucking terrible, and doesn’t seem to have even the slightest connection to the action. I also know one more thing: this video would make nice jerk-off porn for knee-jerk graffiti-hating city councilman Peter Vallone, Jr. “Yeah monster, that’s it, chase those thugs down, take their shoes, take their pants, too!” |Video: advertka.ru|