Who Got Naked on Wall Street Yesterday

08.02.11 Marina Galperina

Of the 50 actors streaking around the New York Stock Exchange on Monday morning, three were arrested — a naked janitor and stock broker and a topless dog walker. See her and a nude-ish few more here. NSFW.

New York-based artist Zefrey Throwell’s five-minute public-art performance Ocularpation: Wall Street — an “absurd critique” of the lack of transparency on Wall Street — only involved one minute of actual nudity, but it was enough for social networks to ripple giddily with “omg-that’s-so-NYC” joy and for the boys in blue to swiftly cuff the boys and girls in nothing.

Zefrey Throwell has already done this alone in San Francisco, photographer Erica Simone did it in NYC for kicks and before that, Zach Hymen made headlines with his naked-model-in-the-Met run. (Photos: Zefrey Throwell)