Who’s Having Their Period Today?

10.01.09 Cajun Boy


Twitter gives the world access to people’s most mundane details and it’s amazing how many women love to announce to the world that, yes, they’re on the rag. Here are today’s brave, bloated over-sharers.

im horny...extra horny cuz ..._1254410629714

Lil’ Psycho’s period leaves her yearning to be touched and evaporates her normal penchant for subtlety. Any fellas on Twitter care to service a nice gal named Lil’ Psycho looking for a bone? I’m sure somebody’ll step up.

well, got my period, reall ..._1254410131948

Sometimes a period can be a sad reminder that we can’t always get what we want.

@luciddaydreamer I don't k ..._1254411667485

May the frustration felt by Suzie Spitz be a lesson to all the kids out there: If you’re ever provided with the opportunity to throw a used tampon at Joel Madden, just fucking do it!

Hahah, you quirky old goof ..._1254411191238

I once dated a girl who was a raving mesntrualsexual. She made an amazing cheese dip. I miss that cheese dip. However, her name wasn’t Edith Zimmerman, and the name Edith Zimmerman is better than any cheese dip. Now, if Edith Zimmerman could make a killer cheese dip…whoa buddy, look out!!!