Why You Don’t Buzz in Delivery Guys When You Didn’t Order Food

05.10.12 Justin Durazzo

Here’s some building surveillance footage of a local thief posing to be a food delivery person from Oaxaca Taqueria, Brooklyn when they stole my bike last night. In good faith, my upstairs neighbor seemingly buzzed him in, as we’re frequent patrons of the local Cobble Hill Smith Street eatery. Whether or not he’d visited our building in the past is still to be determined–but he clearly knew there was a shiny chrome single-speed road bike in the foyer (a Mercier Kilo TT Stripper to be exact).

The cops speculated that he may have somehow had a key to enter. Upon further investigation they considered it possible he was feigning key possession while fulfilling his faithful delivery boy duties.

Props to his friend by the fire hydrant who successfully had his back. Had they even more tact, they should have taken the additional Trek mountain bike inside as well. I guess they prefer Brooks saddles. And thanks for the empty soda can he left in exchange. That’s a fair trade. Officer, run their prints!