Will Wyclef Turn Tens of Thousands In Cash into Millions in PR?

04.19.12 Bucky Turco

Tomorrow is April 20th or as dummy stoner types call it: 4/20. In some places, like the campus at CU-Boulder, this has become such a popular annual occurrence, that officials there are organizing an alternative event in the form of a musical showcase. Hip hop impresario and longtime weed advocate Wyclef Jean is headlining, which normally wouldn’t be a controversial choice, except for a certain clause in his contract that the university drafted and he signed. According to the Boulder Weekly, he’ll be paid $80,000, but he’s not allowed to make any mention of the chronic during his set. C’mon. I’m not sure that the state of his finances are, but it’s hard to believe that a PR savvy Wyclef would cash in any remaining bit of street cred for only $80k. Also, let’s say he does mention the good herb. Is the university really going to not pay him and turn this into a national news story? (Photo: Kate Stanley/flickr)