Witness Describes Scene at Empire State Building Shooting

08.24.12 Aymann Ismail

ANIMAL spoke to a witness at the scene of the Empire State Building shooting. The man, who gave only his last name, describes the chaos he witnessed as the violence unfolded.

The Guardian revealed the shooter’s name as Jeffrey Johnson, 53, a former employee of Hazan Imports who was laid off last year. Around 9 a.m., he stalked his 41-year-old former manager and shot him in the head three times with a .45 handgun, then walked away. A construction worker who saw the shooting notified police, who approached Johnson and shot him when he pulled out his handgun. Nine other bystanders, seven men and two women, were shot and are in the hospital; none have life-threatening injuries, The Guardian said.

Mayor Bloomberg held a press conference at 11 a.m. deploring the incident and noted that some officer crossfire may have accidentally hit citizens. Johnson’s gun held eight bullets and he only used three on his former manager, all the other shots were from the cops.