WTF Is Joy Division’s Unknown Pleasures Design?

10.16.12 Marina Galperina

The second you start watching design champion Peter Saville explain why those unmistakable stacked frequency waves are really about, you’ll forget all that bitching you did about it being too “everywhere” these days because… It’s perfect.

Saville, looking dark, dapper and immortal, explains that “the band” brought him a science book and right flipped to the “enigmatic” image of the first SR B1919+21 radio pulsar, discovered in 1967, coming to you from somewhere in the constellation of Vulpecula, somewhere from a black hole. That explains the album’s space laser sounds and the deep sense of cosmic, existential despair. No? Ok, just the laser sounds then.

Saville just inverted and simmered it… to perfection. Because it’s perfect. It is.