Yet Another Joy Division-Inspired Art Work Is Allowed to Exist

12.09.11 Marina Galperina

You’d think that at the very moment that the tenth hundred thousandth millionth Unknown Pleasures tattoo was etched into the young skin of yet another Joy Division fan whose own personal Manchester scene revival revolves solely around Ian Curtis’s suicide folklore, at that very second that the needle finished up flesh-doodling the sound wave squigglies, then all Joy Division-related artwork would thereby by outlawed because there’s just too much of it… that no one should have to lay eyes on it again…

Nah. Here’s Paris-based David Benmussa‘s paper sculpture Unseen Pleasure and it’s clever because you don’t have to lay your eyes on it. You can touch it with your eyes closed. It’s actually very nice. On view at “Music Covers!” Group Show, Dec 2 – Jan 12, Point Ephemere, Paris