Your Vagina Is As Pretty As A Kindergarten Finger-Painting

02.19.10 Cajun Boy


Last August, a few days after I’d been unceremoniously canned by my former employer, I was approached by ANIMAL publisher Bucky Turco and then-editorial director A.J. Daulerio about coming on board here.

At the time I told them that I’d already accepted an offer for another job at Yahoo! News writing about serious things in a serious way, but they countered by saying that they didn’t really care and asked if I’d like to blog for ANIMAL as a sort of side gig, posting as much as I could whenever I could throughout the day, an offer I enthusiastically accepted.

But alas, six months or so later my professional responsibilities at the aforementioned internet behemoth are about to intensify, leaving me even less time and creative energy to post items here, something that’s already been an issue for me in the past couple of months. Soooo…my point is that I have to step away, unfortunately. I’ve had fun here and will miss it. Greatly. However, ANIMAL will carry on strong with Bucky, Copyranter, the lovely Marina and the future alt-porn superstar Kari. Shine on you crazy diamonds. Shine the fuck on.

One bright spot in all this is that I’ll probably be posting a bit more frequently on my poor, neglected personal blog, something I’ve been meaning to do for some time but just haven’t been able to muster the time or energy for. So there’s that. Please come visit me there. Over there I can be as “cock-obsessed” as I please (Bucky says I’m “cock-obsessed” for my love of using the words “dick,” “dong,” “cock,” “penis,” etc. in headlines, which is also the main reason I wanted to use the word “vagina” in my final headline…TO PROVE HIM WRONG!) Oh, and also, there’s Twitter…you can “follow” me there as well.

Soooo, anyway, I’ll leave you all with two songs to remember me by. One is a song you’ve probably heard, but may have forgotten about its awesomeness. The other is the song that iTunes says is the most played in my library of 5000 or so songs, so I must like it, and you’ve probably never heard of the song or the band who made it. Coincidentally, both artists’ names contain the word “system.” Weird, right?

The first, the oldie but goodie, is “Don’t Disturb This Groove” by The System. I lost my virginity to this song. No shit. So from here on out you have to think of me whenever you hear it. Think of me losing my virginity. Yeah.

And the second is “Lovers Dancing” by Inner Party System. They rock. Go see them live if and when they play near wherever you are.

Y’all be good!

Pic of Camilla Parker Bowles and her twin, possibly my favorite pic ever, via my Tumblr.