Your Voters’ Bill of Rights From ANIMAL and NYC Public Advocate

09.17.12 Nate Cepis & Andy Cush

ANIMAL and the office of New York City Public Advocate Bill de Blasio are proud to announce the Voters’ Bill of Rights, a non-partisan, collaborative initiative aimed at making the election process as clear and as simple as possible for all New York voters. We’ve created a website, NYCvoting.com, which explains everything you need to know about voting, from learning about the candidates to finding your polling place, as well as a Bill of Rights poster, which lays out 10 voters’ rights guaranteed by local, state and federal laws–including the right to assistance if you are disabled or cannot read the ballot, and the right to take up to two hours off of work to vote if needed.

We will be distributing the posters around the city as well as making them available for download here and at NYCvoting.com. Download a PDF version.

(Poster design: Nate Cepis)