Zine Collection Opens At Brooklyn College Library

08.07.12 Andy Cush

A small group of staffers and interns at the Brooklyn College Library has spent the past year collecting and documenting a collection of over 600 zines, in an effort to catalog the handmade, print-only publications and make them available for research. Last week, that collection opened to the public, in an exhibit entitled “Fold, Staple, Share: Highlights from the Brooklyn Zine Collection.”

“Making something with your hands is an important practice, especially in an age of screens,” said Alycia Sellie, the librarian who is heading up the project. Intern Erica Saunders concurred. “You can staple something to a zine, clip something to it. Things fall out of it,” she said. “It’s not just 2-D. This exhibit is 3-D; these are tangible things.”

According to the Wall Street Journal, the zines in the collection range from “comic books” to “manifestos,” and include such neat-sounding titles as 47 Babies on Facebook(!) and My Feminist Friends. The opening event hosted some 100 guests, and the exhibit will run until November.

(Photo: listentomyvoice/Flickr)