1WTC Bathroom Graffiti is Just Like All Other Bathroom Graffiti

January 28, 2013 | Eugene Reznik

The Daily News published a series of photographs documenting racist, sexist and otherwise hateful scribblings on the temporary bathroom walls of the men’s rooms used by construction workers at One World Trade Center, which recently saw the first piece of its spire set in place.

In all caps, with exclamation points and the utmost exasperation, the tabloid showed outrage at the doodles they found, which, though unspeakable and awful, are not all that different from the comment threads on their own website.

The story was the inverse of one that the AP ran last week, documenting workers’ “graffiti of defiance, hope” scrawled across beams in open view. One ‘insider,’ however, told the tabloid that the AP only got half the story right. “That’s 1% of what’s written,” the source said, “the other 99% is all negative s—.”

In true cosmopolitan fashion though, no one group has gone unrepresented. “Most of it’s racial,” the ‘insider’ told the paper, “But pretty much every race is covered.”

(Photo: Liren Chen/Flickr)