Protests Erupt Over Berlin Wall Demolition By Condo Developers

March 1, 2013 | Eugene Reznik

Luxury Condo developers managed to remove one section from the East Side Gallery in Berlin this morning before “about 300 protesters pressed too close for work to continue,” AP reports.

The nearly mile-long remains of the Berlin Wall, which attract 800,000 visitors annually and had already been buffed and badly forged over the last few years, are under threat from the developers “Living Bauhaus,” who are looking to put up a some-20-story tower along the river Spree.

A 150-ft section of the wall had been removed in the past to provide access to a boat landing stage and open views of the river for the adjacent O2 World arena.

Some of the removed pieces have also been transported around the world and put on view to the public, like this one which gets lukewarm Yelp reviews.

According to the AP, one protestor this morning carried a sign that read in bold print: “does culture no longer have any value?”

It’s finer text read: “die yuppie scum.”

(Photo: Dario-Jacopo Laganá/Flickr/Brooklyn News)