John Waters Is Not Dead:
Photographic Proof

Shut up, internet. Didn’t you learn anything from the Banksy arrest hoax? About 22 hours ago, a clearly fake news website the National Report announced that legendary cult filmaker and known arts person John Waters “dropped dead at 67” in the morning. That’s funny. He must have recovered quickly, because we totally saw him at the […]

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Fake Performance Artists
Prank Tate Modern

Groan. THAT IS NOT ART. But look at those visitors of Tate Modern and the Saatichi Gallery, look at ’em taking photos and videos of the awkardly posed duo Doug and Mikael holding ping-pongs in their mouths. They fell for it. Because… I don’t know… because Marina Abramović? If this was performance art, it would have been bad […]

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